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Olivia Chow opens second campaign office

TORONTO — Olivia Chow’s momentum is growing as she welcomes hundreds of supporters to the opening of her second campaign office. She was joined by special guests MPP Jessica Bell, MPP Chris Glover and former councillor Mike Layton.

“As the campaign goes on people are feeling more hopeful about the future of the city. People are starting to see that they don’t have to accept the status-quo, and that it is possible to have more affordable housing, better transit and better city services,” said Chow. “Our campaign is powered by volunteers and community members who want a better city. As our momentum grows, our new office will let us welcome even more people to join us.”

Chow opened her first office in Scarborough with over 150 supporters in attendance, and received the endorsement of Scarborough Southwest MPP Doly Begum. Chow’s campaign continues to grow, with over 2,400 volunteers connecting with thousands of voters daily through community canvasses and phone banks.

“Our second campaign office will help connect with even more people, and make it easier for people to connect with us about how to make Toronto a better place to live. By working together, we can build a more affordable, safe and caring city,” said Chow.


Jessica Bell, MPP for University-Rosedale

“People in Toronto know and trust Olivia to have their back. That’s because Olivia has a proven track record fighting for Toronto. The legacy of her work lives on today, from dental care to school meal programs. Imagine the legacy she will build as mayor – getting the city building homes again, improving the public transit so many people rely on, and so much more. People in Toronto have hope right now thanks to Olivia, that's why we're seeing her momentum growing.”

Chris Glover, MPP for Spadina–Fort York

“Toronto needs a mayor that understands how much harder it is to get around the city, find and keep an affordable roof over your head, and access services and supports when and where you need them in the city. We’re all tired of the status quo and Olivia is the right choice to bring progressive change. In Olivia, Torontonians will have the champion we need to fix our city services so we can have the more affordable, caring, safer city we all want to see.”

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