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Olivia Chow opens first campaign office

SCARBOROUGH — Olivia Chow will be a champion for Scarborough and she’s demonstrating her commitment by opening her first campaign office there. She was joined by MPP Doly Begum, who provided her endorsement, and dozens of volunteers and community members.

“As mayor, I’ll be a champion for Scarborough. These days, people are feeling stuck. Stuck waiting longer for buses, stuck in traffic trying to get home, stuck trying to find a place to live they can actually afford. People in Scarborough deserve a mayor who listens to their needs and who will make life better, that’s me,” said Chow.

Chow’s momentum is growing in Scarborough and across the city. Her campaign has signed up more than 2,100 volunteers, who have connected with voters in all of Toronto’s 25 wards. The new office will help Chow and her volunteers connect with even more Scarborough voters in the weeks ahead.

“Our new office will help us continue to connect with Scarborough families and make it easier for people to share their ideas about making it an even better place to live. By working together, we can build a more caring, safer, affordable city where Scarborough finally gets treated fairly by city hall,” said Chow.


Doly Begum, MPP for Scarborough Southwest

Scarborough needs a champion right now, and Olivia is just the person for the job. She cares about our community, and people trust her to stand up for Scarborough and make sure people here are treated fairly at city hall. With Olivia as mayor, Scarborough will see more affordable homes, less frustrating commutes with better transit, and more local opportunities. Olivia has the experience and knowledge to deal with all levels of government and I know she will be a strong leader who stands up for the people of our city.

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