Preventing renovictions

It’s a renter’s worst nightmare, you're being renovicted and you can’t find an apartment below $3,000 a month. Fortunately, with Olivia Chow as your new mayor the City of Toronto can step in to help.

Olivia will create the Secure Affordable Homes Fund to help buy affordable units and transfer them to non-profits, like land-trusts.

With an annual investment of $100 million, we can keep thousands of homes affordable and secure by taking them off the private market and giving them to not-for-profits, community land trusts, and Indigenous housing providers. It’s a model that works to keep us from losing the affordable housing we have.

Olivia will also work to secure the right of first refusal so the City can help buy affordable buildings before it’s too late. By having this right to buy properties listed for sale, the City can step in and secure even more affordable units. Montreal does this, Toronto can too.

Olivia is committed to developing a strong City of Toronto Anti-Renovictions Bylaw that will leverage the City’s authorities to deter renovictions.

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