Improving public transit

Olivia rides the TTC to get around and has depended on it her entire life here in Toronto. So she knows that public transit must be safe, convenient and affordable. She knows what it feels like when your bus is nowhere in sight, when you’re squeezed in with hundreds of commuters, and when fares keep going up as service declines.

Right now, transit riders are stuck paying more for less. Olivia is committed to reversing the recent service cuts and significantly improving transit service to make sure it is fast and reliable. Olivia will get cell service for everyone on the TTC and restore workers in TTC stations to be the eyes and ears of the system. She is also committed to expanding transit options in the city including making sure Scarborough transit riders are much better served with an off-road bus rapid transit route to replace the RT since it’s shutting down (saving people 20 minutes a day) and completing the loop in Scarborough with the Eglinton East LRT.  Olivia will be sharing more over the coming weeks on her plans to improve transit in our city.

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