Giving Renters Power at City Hall

Olivia is committed to elevating and incorporating the voice of renters – nearly half of residents – into City decisions. Renters deserve a seat at the table.

Olivia will establish Toronto’s Renters Action Committee composed of renters, housing providers, advocates, councillors and the mayor. The Renters Action Committee will work to improve fairness for renters, protect tenant rights, prevent illegitimate evictions and homelessness, address the affordable rental housing shortage, and improve existing city programs and services for renters

This committee will report to the Planning and Housing Committee and will be a space where renters can finally be heard, put new ideas directly onto the City’s agenda, improve existing city programs and services, and hold the City accountable.

The immediate tasks of the Renters Action Committee with include:

  • Developing a strong City of Toronto Anti-Renovictions Bylaw that will leverage the City’s authorities to deter renovictions.
  • Work to launch an advocacy campaign to preserve affordability for renters by urging the Ontario government to institute real rent control for all rental units, that’s tied to the unit and not just the tenant.
  • Reviewing existing City policies and programs related to renters, and holding the City accountable on its commitments to renters.

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