Support for renters

As a renter, you deserve a home that’s affordable, safe and well-maintained and when times are tough, you should be able to rely on the City for help staying in your home.

 Olivia will keep people housed and prevent homelessness by:

  • Doubling the reach of Toronto’s Rent Bank to help 5,500 people each year and expand eligibility requirements to assist more tenants with grants to help cover rent.
  • Tripling the reach of the Eviction Prevention in the Community program to help over 3,000 people a year avoid eviction by providing case management, mediation with landlords and more.
  • Scaling up the Toronto Tenant Support Program to fight evictions and illegal rent increases and support tenant organizing initiatives
  • Giving RentSafeTO real teeth by investing in more by-law enforcement officers and staff to support investigations of unsafe conditions, more contractors so the city can fix the problems if the landlord has refused, and more staff to better enforce standards on landlords and hold them accountable. 

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