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Cell Phone Theft:
80% of all mugging cases in Toronto involve cell phone theft. Let’s stop this by making stolen phones useless for criminals.
Sign Olivia’s online petition.

Air Passenger Rights:
Tired of being bumped off overbooked flights, cancelled connections and lost luggage? We need federal action to protect air travellers.
Sign Olivia’s online petition.

Protect Toronto’s Rivers:
With the federal Navigable Waters Protection Act gutted, rivers and lakes across Canada are under threat. Protect them from pollution and dangerous development. Sign Olivia’s online petition.

Save Toronto’s Waterfront:
Stop the expansion of the Island Airport. Yes to a mixed-use and green waterfront, no to jets and more pollution. Sign the online petition.
Or click here to download a paper petition to Parliament.

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Passenger Rail:
Stop the cuts to VIA Rail! Put long-term funding in place and make passenger rail travel great again in Canada with high-speed trains.
Click here to download the petition

Public Transit:
Toronto and cities across Canada are choking in gridlock. We need long-term, dedicated federal transit funding to get moving again.
Click here to download the petition.

Let’s make our roads safer for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists with truck sideguards. Make this life-saving measure mandatory!
Click here to download the petition.

Animal Cruelty:
We need to protect those that are vulnerable – that includes Canada’s animals as well. But our laws are outdated and flawed.
Click here to download the petition.

Oshawa Waterfront:
The city’s waterfront belongs to the citizens – it’s no place for cronyism and a 12-storey ethanol plant. Let’s save Oshawa’s waterfront!
Click here to download the petition.

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