Decaying Gardiner: Still No Federal Help

Overburdened City, Lack of Federal Funding Cause Infrastructure Woes for Toronto

December 30, 2012

TORONTO – Decaying bridges, potholes and traffic gridlock: Canada’s infrastructure crisis costs us more than $10-billion in lost productivity every year. The crumbling Gardiner Expressway is a nightmare for drivers and pedestrians.

But it’s no wonder when cities like Toronto only receive 8 cents of every collected tax dollar. To make matters worse, federal tenants like the Toronto Port Authority are not paying their fair share of property taxes thus costing Toronto $58 million.

Today’s one-off funding system can’t keep up. It creates uncertainty in our communities and can lead to misuse of tax dollars.

Olivia Chow and municipal leaders across Canada agree: federal dollars must be “purpose dedicated” – tied to specific needs like transit and water systems. This will cut red tape, boost accountability, and help put an end to partisan insider deals.

Fixing infrastructure and taking politics out of the funding process now will make our neighbourhoods more livable. It’ll create quality construction and engineering jobs. And it’ll go on attracting new business investments right here. This really is one of the smartest investments this country can make.

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