Oshawa Ethanol Plant: Conservative Cronies Ruin Waterfront

Eyesore Pushed Through by Oshawa Port Authority Appointees: Chow

August 9, 2012

TORONTO- Defying broad opposition from local governments and residents, the Oshawa Port Authority – dominated by heavily connected Conservatives – approved an ethanol refinery that will spoil the city’s waterfront.

The decision was made despite opposition from the Oshawa Mayor and City Council as well as the Durham Regional Council and thousands of residents.

“This type of move became predictable when Minister Lebel stacked the newly-formed Oshawa Port Authority with Conservative insiders in cahoots with the ethanol plant company,” said New Democrat Transport Critic Olivia Chow.

The former President of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty’s riding association, Gary Valcour, now heads the Oshawa Port Authority executive. Another former association executive members, Chris Kluczewski is also on the board of directors. Tim O’Connor, another riding executive member, also served as Christine Elliott’s (Jim Flaherty’s wife) campaign manager for the provincial election campaign. O’Connor’s brother is also the CEO of the company building the ethanol plant.

“Today’s decision is a win for Conservative cronyism and a loss for Oshawa’s citizens,” said Chow.

The New Democrat Toronto MP has repeatedly spoken out in Parliament against the influence of Conservative insiders who are putting the wishes of political allies ahead of the people of Oshawa as well as the city’s popular harbour front.


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